About Me

I picked up photography in early middle school, taking advantage of my parents' unused, old film point-and-shoot. From there, I graduated a Nikon film SLR. By the end of high school, I was shooting with the Nikon D70 (which, sadly, has reached the end of its life span and I have switched to the Nikon D200).

My name is Rachel Hammer. I majored in biology at Duke University and ended up in medical school in Texas. In my little spare time, I still enjoy nature photography. I post weekly here with the goal of inspiring others to engage with nature, and to encourage better environmental education and stewardship.

My Equipment

I believe less is more.

Nikon D70
Nikon D200
Nikkor 70-300mm AF zoom (also had this one since high school)
Sigma 100mm dedicated macro
Nikkor 28-80mm
Tamron 2X teleconverter
Manfrotto tripod

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